The mission of the All American Honor guard is not to glorify war but to educate the public on the experiences and sacrifices made by America’s citizen soldiers in order to win and preserve the freedoms we all enjoy today.

The All American Honor Guard was formed with the dual purpose of educating the public about the lives and roles of United States military members throughout our country’s history and honoring those that serve or that have served our country in times of war and peace.


Present public exhibitions that portray the lives of members from all services, branches and groups in our rich military history

Participate in ceremonies, parades and other public events while representing US military from various time periods.

Partner with other organizations having a similar focus and goals to benefit veterans and active duty military and assist current and former service members and their families who have needs beyond their means at the current time.

A Brief History

The All American Honor Guard, Inc. (AAHG) was founded in 1991 by a group of citizens in search of a way to express thanks to those men and women who have given so much over the decades for this country.  The aim of the organization is to honor those who have served and are serving our country by educating the public about the experiences and sacrifices made by America’s diverse citizen soldiers in order to win and preserve the freedoms we all enjoy today.

The AAHG’s primary efforts have been through the presentation of American military living history to the public, schools, youth and other groups in which the lives of our military service members are portrayed.  To support this, the AAHG has been hosting an annual living history event since 1995 to display America’s rich military history.  Exhibits of authentic uniforms, equipment, firearms, camps and vehicles of selected periods bring forth the lives of our military from the pages of history.  The organization also appears at other public venues such as community parades, national holiday memorial events as well as honor guards at veteran’s funerals.

The AAHG has also undertaken other efforts over the years to promote its mission.  These have included visiting and raising money to support veteran’s organizations such as Veterans Administration Hospitals and the other veteran rehabilitation facilities. 

The AAHG was founded in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley and the membership is mainly drawn from this area.  Interested individuals or groups are welcome to become members of the All American Honor Guard. 

No admission is charged to any AAHG events but donations are appreciated to assist in continuing the presentation of our events to the community.


About the Honor Guard

The All American Honor Guard, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1991 and incorporated within the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1999.  The organization received its 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization designation from the Internal Revenue Service in 2017.  The majority of donated funds are applied to the organization’s projects with only a small amount (less than 15%) utilized to cover administrative costs.  No salaries are paid and no member realizes any monetary benefit from any funds realized.  All donations to the AAHG, Inc. will be recognized by the All American Honor Guard, Inc. and may provide positive tax implications to the donor.  Please consult ones tax resources of choice to determine any potential benefits.

The All American Honor Guard, Inc. is constantly in search of other individuals and groups who have a love for history and would like to join in bringing history to life for the public as either living historians or supporters.  Annual dues are currently $25.00.